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appeared inBibles published throughout the world. The genealogy of Jesus, inthe Gospel of Luke, has an extra ancestor at Luke 3:26 (the second

The Message: TheBiblein Contemporary Language was created and translated by Eugene H. Peterson and published in segments from 1993 to 2002. It is an


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    Emotions 3- The Bible and Emotions

    EMOIONS – “The Bible and Emotions3 4. Galatians 1:13 K. Pride and arrogance 1. 3 John 9 2. Diotrephes was a trouble maker in the early church because of pride and


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    Seven Unusual numbers - Bible Numerics - …

    Letter ( Shape of letter when written at the end of a word ) aaa a bbbb gggg dddd hhhh vvv v zzzz ccc c eeee yyy y kk k KKKK Numeric Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ...


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    Why God Gave Man The Bible | Sermon Outline

    Gene Taylor www.ExpositorySermonOutlines.com 1 Why God Gave Man the Bible Introduction 1. God has a purpose in everything He does. a. …


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    A Bible Survey - Church of Christ

    Section One: Genesis Year 1, Quarter 1 A Bible Survey A Three Year Course of Study for Adults Compiled by Gene Taylor


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    Defining the Kingdom of Heaven - Bible Charts

    PARABLES – “Defining the Kingdom of Heaven3 C. VISIBLY MANIFESTED TODAY IN THE LORD'S CHURCH... 1. What is the Lord's church? a. It is a community of souls


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    Ezekiel Study Guide John Hepp, Jr ... - Kingdom in …

    Ezekiel Study Guide John Hepp, Jr. The questions and answers in this study guide are based on the New American Standard Bible. As usual, the LORD (in all-capital


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    Glad and Joyful Worship Psalm 100:1-5 - Bible …

    http://www.BibleStudyWorkshop.com 1 Commentary by Clyde M. Miller Questions by John C. Sewell Glad and Joyful Worship Psalm 100:1-5 Landmark Publications, Inc ...


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    PRAYER - R. B. Thieme, Jr. Bible Ministries

    FINANCIAL POLICY There is no charge for any material from R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries. Anyone who desires Bible teaching can receive our books, DVDs, MP3 CDs, and


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    Men and Women of the Bible - jeffcitycoc.org

    2 INTRODUCTION TO THE FIRST QUARTER Men and Women of the Bible is a course designed to help the student learn more about characters in the Bible and to discover ...


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    Andrew Wommack and Duane Sheriff Live Bible …

    Andrew Wommack and Duane Sheriff Live Bible Study Notes – 2/14/17 God Is Good I. God wills nothing but good A. Romans 8:28‐29 – “And ...