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port 443, but a URL like http://www.example.com:8080/path/ specifies that the web browser connects instead to port8080 of the HTTP server. The Internet

example.org on TCP port8080. : ncat example.org 8080 Listen for connections on TCP port8080. : ncat -l 8080 Redirect TCP port8080 on the local machine


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    GRC | Port Authority, for Internet Port 8080

    HTTPS Fingerprints ... to request a web browser to connect to port 8080 rather than the ... run services below port 1024, port 8080 was often chosen as a convenient ...


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    Isilon InsightIQ 3.2 Installation Guide - Dell EMC

    Installation Guide Isilon InsightIQ Release number 3.2 ... For monitored clusters running OneFS 7.0 and later, you must enable HTTPS port 8080.


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    Port Information - Cisco

    Port Information This table does not ... 8080 HTTP Table B-3 Port Used for Streaming Windows Media from the Content Server to Silverlight Player Port Streaming Media


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    Secure Web Gateway Port Mapping

    Secure Web Gateway Port Mapping ... must pre-fetch data from the Internet using HTTP and HTTPS. Port ... This port is configurable. 8080 :


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    EZproxy v6.2.2 Release Notes - OCLC: Worldwide, …

    hostname, but it may also remap those requests to port 8080 for http and 8081 for https using http. In this scenario, an appropriate configuration may be:


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    Web Security Default Ports - Forcepoint

    Web Security Default Ports Topic 50099 ... If you do need to change a port: ... 8080 TCP Management console communication with


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    INSITE Network Configuration Needs

    INSITE Network Configuration Needs ... with port 8080 on a dynamic IP address. ... This search function utilizes Cummins website https: ...

    https://insite.cummins.com/Files/Network Considerations for INSITE.pdf

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    HREP Series DVR DDNS Configuration Application …

    HREP Series DVR DDNS Configuration Application Note ... (HTTP) port to 8080 ... HREP Series DVR DDNS Configuration Application Note_A


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    The FortiManager APIs - Fortinet Docs Library

    FORTINET - Inside FortiManager/API/201304 1 http: ... HTTP Daemon (HTTPS on port 8080) (Configurable to HTTP or HTTPS) Web UI …


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    On-premise security configuration and hardening …

    On-premise security configuration and hardening checklist ... Close Tomcat€port (8080) ... Do not map standard http port (80) to Tomcat one (8080) ...